The scales of a shade dragon can give off a bluish light, making them look blue.

 Shade dragons (Libra tenebris maximus, Great balanced darkness) are the most powerful of any dark dragons. While not as powerful as void dragons (Libra tenebris infinitalis), they have shown a great deal of necromantic powers. They are so named because they have the uncanny ability to "swim" in shadows. Doing so, they can dive into a shadow dimension through a shadow and come out through another an instant later.


Naturally, shade dragons are jet black. They can have either gold or red eyes. Their diamond-shaped scales reflect their surroundings like the hull of a car, and are much like the scales of an alligator or crocodile. There is one silver scale for every 90 1.5 inch scales.

Shade dragons have six long horns, three on each side of their head. The top horns curve up, slightly forward, then up and slightly back. They also have a long ridge that extends from the back of their head to the tip of their tail, which ends in a tattered triangular fan shape. The wings of shade dragons also seem to be torn at the edges of the leathery grey-blue skin flaps.


Shade dragons aren't very nice. They also seem to be very narcisstic, often talking about themselves to the world, even when they're alone. They don't seem to enjoy company, though. They have been known to react agressively to other dragons as well. But being Libra dragons, they don't like chaos and tend to join losing sides during fights to even out things.


Shade dragons have a variety of powers at their arsenal. They mainly rely on their breath attack, which consist of cold black streams of fire that cause only sharp pains and dizziness. As mentioned before, they have the unique ability to swim through shadows and use them for a kind of teleportation (telportation is found only in Libra dragons, but in many forms). They also use the so-called shadow rush. Shadow rushing involves the dragon half-flying and half-swimming through its own shadow, then dragging its target down with it.

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