The tempest dragon (Libra caelum tempestas, Balanced sky storm) is one of the most uncontrollable of the sky dragons. Its deadly breath attack is completely unpredictable, and it has the full raw power of a hurricane. With the speed to match a space shuttle, the tempest dragon is one of the most well-known dragons in the world.


Tempest dragons have all the cute and cuddliness of a flying pufferfish has lost its temper. They are long, thin dragons with three rows of spines from their neck to the middle of their tail. Their scales are smooth and a shiny storm-cloud gray-blue. These dragons also have a large crest in the middle of their head, which sits atop a long neck. At the tip of the dragon's tail is a black, sword-shape spine. Wiith a 50-foot wingspan, these dragons look the most prepared for flying.

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